By Design; The Complexities of Jewelry Manufacturing and Repair simplified ― Our Comprehensive Jewelry Service Program experience was crafted to create a streamline process, from evaluating the project to final delivery. Our workforce density allows for a more compact and linear manufacturing and repair process. while serving the Industry with over 30 long-term established companies nationwide we remain very passionate about Jewelry culture and maintain an utmost dignity for the Industry. Utilizing our staff of dedicated craftsman, designers, engravers, polishers, and setters, we can undertake full production runs as well as refreshing your line of Jewelry.

Our Comprehensive Jewelry Service Program™ begins with a discussion on the scope of your production run, to developing and scheduling a logical time frame for the project while maintaining quality, and then allowing our team to fulfill the project at hand, and delivering the final product(s).

"The quality of the work is beyond anything I have ever seen. Trust these fine folks with your most important and complicated jobs and you wont spend a single second doubting yourself."

— Edward Crawford, Client

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